5 Things You Need To Know About Living In Cape Coral, FL

Whether you are a snowbird who’s thinking about a permanent move to Florida, or just a Northerner who’s sick and tired of all the snow, you should consider Cape Coral.

This lovely little town, situated not far from Fort Myers on the Gulf Coast, may not have the cachet of Tampa, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great place to live. Here are just a few of the many benefits of living in Cape Coral, FL.

1. Moving to Cape Coral is Financially Smart

A lot of people think that it’s expensive to live in Florida, but living in Cape Coral is surprisingly affordable! The cost of living in this beautiful community is much lower than the national average.

Besides, the state does not collect income tax, estate tax, inheritance tax, or intangible property tax. The sales tax rate is also relatively low, between 6-7.5%.

This is good news for retirees who are on a fixed income. Cape Coral also offers plenty of job opportunities for people who aren’t quite yet ready to give up working.

2. It’s A Beautiful Place to Call Home

Cape Coral is not only a perfect place to live if you love being on the water, but it also boasts the same sunny climate as any other Florida destination.

There are some 400 miles of navigable waterways in Cape Coral, leading many residents to compare it to Venice. Residential properties with waterfront views abound. So do restaurants with seating that overlooks the canals or the Gulf.

With 265 days of sunshine each year, Cape Coral is perfect for those who like to soak up some rays. High temps in the summer hover around 90, while in January the thermometer doesn’t get much below 50.

3. Cape Coral Is Conveniently Located

Florida attractions such as Walt Disney World, the Everglades, and the Keys are just a road trip away. Living in Cape Coral, FL, you will be a mere three hours’ drive from the Happiest Place on Earth. Trips to the Everglades or a weekend getaway to Key West are even closer.

Plenty of retirees choose Cape Coral for its “best of both worlds” appeal. It’s not nearly as crowded or expensive as some retirement destinations. Its proximity to popular vacation spots makes it a good “home base” for when the kids and grandkids come to visit.

4. But There’s Plenty To Do Right Here

You don’t have to go far to find plenty of recreational fun. See a show at South Florida’s longest-running community theatre. Slip and slide your way through a 14-acre water park. Get down and dirty while learning at the Imaginarium, a science museum with many hands-on exhibits.

Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve is home to a beautiful mangrove forest. There are festivals and lots of family-friendly events at Four Freedoms Park.

5. A Big City with a Small Town Feel

Living in Cape Coral, FL means less hustle-and-bustle than other, larger Florida cities. In fact, Cape Coral is a perfect size, with a population of 179,804. Enjoy cultural opportunities, festivals, great restaurants, and diversity – as well as the friendly, safe feeling you’d get from living in a small town.

Living in Cape Coral, FL – Is It Right For You?

Call us biased, but we believe the answer is a resounding “yes”! For more information on life in Cape Coral, get in touch today!

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