Do Cape Coral Mortgage Companies Allow Buying A Home With No Down-payment?

For first-time home buyers, a no down-payment mortgage is an attractive deal, especially if money is not available to consider a full down-payment. Most Cape Coral mortgage companies will offer such deals but they come with a caveat. This is why before you seal the deal, it is important that you determine whether or not […]


Mortgage Refinancing With Bad Credit: When Is The Right Time

Bad spending habits can take a toll on your credit score and subsequently, your mortgage refinancing. It may not matter now, but once you decide to take out a loan, your credit report will play a vital role in the chances of your loan application getting approved. Very rarely does a less-than-stellar score stand a […]


Securing Your First Mortgage: Expectations vs Reality

For first-time home-buyers, the thought of a mortgage or investing in a real estate property can bring mixed feelings of excitement and fear. Many feel overjoyed about owning a home, but the great feeling can turn into disappointments if expectations are far from reality. Even if you are buying a home for the first time, […]


Mortgage Refinance Versus Purchase Mortgage: What Is The Difference?

A refinance and purchase mortgage without proper understanding can give you a hard time making the right choice. Educating yourself about these two options will help you make an informed decision. Refinance mortgage enables you to change your current mortgage rates. A purchase mortgage, on the other hand, refers to the initial funding you use […]


5 Reasons Why Cape Coral Investment Is A Great Idea

Southwest Florida is a vacation haven that continues to be a crowd magnet every year. So if you are one of those with images of Florida beaches flashing through your mind, you are not alone. If you are dreaming of buying a property that is close to the picture-perfect attractions of this sunshine state, a […]

Reasons To Love Waterfront Houses In Cape Coral

When searching for a real estate investment that you want to turn into a peaceful base, waterfront houses will be an outstanding choice. Cape Coral, being surrounded by pristine beaches, is the best place to own a home on the water. There are good reasons why it is worth living in a waterfront house: 1. […]

Bad Credit Score: How Soon Can You Secure A Mortgage Loan?

There’s a good reason why you need to be mindful of your spending habits. While occasional splurge is OK, not keeping track of your expenses and giving more importance to your wants than needs can wreak havoc on your finances. If you’re planning to secure a home or mortgage loan, may as well save up […]

Understanding a Portfolio Mortgage Loan

For people who are looking for a mortgage for a home but cannot obtain traditional financing, there are a few options outside the traditional realm of mortgages where borrowers can still obtain mortgage financing. One of those options is known as a portfolio mortgage or a portfolio loan. Unlike a traditional mortgage lender, a portfolio […]

Top Reasons Your Mortgage Could Get Rejected

Anyone who has bought a home will agree that the most challenging part of becoming a homeowner is getting your mortgage application approved. There is a series of processes that you need to undergo-from securing essential documents to passing the lender evaluation. All of these steps are not easy to accomplish. Every year, millions of […]