5 Things You Need To Know About Living In Cape Coral, FL

Whether you are a snowbird who’s thinking about a permanent move to Florida, or just a Northerner who’s sick and tired of all the snow, you should consider Cape Coral.

This lovely little town, situated not far from Fort Myers on the Gulf Coast, may not have the cachet of Tampa, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great place to live. Here are just a few of the many benefits of living in Cape Coral, FL.

1. Moving to Cape Coral is Financially Smart

A lot of people think that it’s expensive to live in Florida, but living in Cape Coral is surprisingly affordable! The cost of living in this beautiful community is much lower than the national average.

Besides, the state does not collect income tax, estate tax, inheritance tax, or intangible property tax. The sales tax rate is also relatively low, between 6-7.5%.

This is good news for retirees who are on a fixed income. Cape Coral also offers plenty of job opportunities for people who aren’t quite yet ready to give up working.

2. It’s A Beautiful Place to Call Home

Cape Coral is not only a perfect place to live if you love being on the water, but it also boasts the same sunny climate as any other Florida destination.

There are some 400 miles of navigable waterways in Cape Coral, leading many residents to compare it to Venice. Residential properties with waterfront views abound. So do restaurants with seating that overlooks the canals or the Gulf.

With 265 days of sunshine each year, Cape Coral is perfect for those who like to soak up some rays. High temps in the summer hover around 90, while in January the thermometer doesn’t get much below 50.

3. Cape Coral Is Conveniently Located

Florida attractions such as Walt Disney World, the Everglades, and the Keys are just a road trip away. Living in Cape Coral, FL, you will be a mere three hours’ drive from the Happiest Place on Earth. Trips to the Everglades or a weekend getaway to Key West are even closer.

Plenty of retirees choose Cape Coral for its “best of both worlds” appeal. It’s not nearly as crowded or expensive as some retirement destinations. Its proximity to popular vacation spots makes it a good “home base” for when the kids and grandkids come to visit.

4. But There’s Plenty To Do Right Here

You don’t have to go far to find plenty of recreational fun. See a show at South Florida’s longest-running community theatre. Slip and slide your way through a 14-acre water park. Get down and dirty while learning at the Imaginarium, a science museum with many hands-on exhibits.

Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve is home to a beautiful mangrove forest. There are festivals and lots of family-friendly events at Four Freedoms Park.

5. A Big City with a Small Town Feel

Living in Cape Coral, FL means less hustle-and-bustle than other, larger Florida cities. In fact, Cape Coral is a perfect size, with a population of 179,804. Enjoy cultural opportunities, festivals, great restaurants, and diversity – as well as the friendly, safe feeling you’d get from living in a small town.

Living in Cape Coral, FL – Is It Right For You?

Call us biased, but we believe the answer is a resounding “yes”! For more information on life in Cape Coral, get in touch today!

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How to Make the Summertime Unforgettable in Cape Coral

Are you interested in financing property in Cape Coral, Florida?

Cape Coral is one of Florida’s top summertime vacation destinations.

Cape Coral rests on the Gulf of Mexico alongside Fort Myers. It’s also right in between two other popular destinations, Tampa and Miami.

Many people don’t know that Cape Coral was a planned, residential community. Two real-estate developer brothers from Baltimore flew to the region and were so impressed with the area, they bought the sizable stretch of land.

In 1958, the brothers began building their suburban community on 103 square miles of land. Over time, the community grew into a popular place for families and vacationers. Today, its population is almost at 180,000 residents.

Cape Coral enjoys a tropical climate with temperatures in the mid-70s during the winter months. In the summertime, temperatures peak in the 100s but usually stay in the early to mid-90s range.

The city is home to many canals that lead to the Caloosahatchee River and the Gulf of Mexico. This guide will get you more acquainted with Cape Coral and update you on the popular spots around the city

Visit The Four Mile Ecological Preserve In The Summertime

The Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve is open year round from 8 AM until dusk. The Preserve is 365 acres of wetland with a Kayak trail and Veteran Memorials.

Visitors can also sightsee because the Preserve is filled with wildlife. Sightings of eagles, snakes, and herons are normal.

The Kayak Shack is open from November to May during the weekends. Visitors can rent a kayak and take for a spin on the trail. For the less adventurous, there are some observation piers, picnic areas, and a nature trail.

The Cardboard Boat Regatta

The boat race was started in 1994 by a local nautical club. Over the years, it has gone through many changes and now the Cape Coral Rotary Club hosts the event.

The event is a great time for local schools, churches, and other organizations to get together and have a fun-filled day at Four Freedoms Park.

Participants build boats out of cardboard and other unusual materials. They race each other to see which boat travels the fastest down Bimini Basin. Registration is open to individuals, organizations, and corporate teams.

Visit Sun Splash Family Water Park

The water park is the best place to get relief from the piercing summertime sun. The 14-acre water park is filled with amazing slides such as Cape Fear, the Terror tube, and the Electric Slide.

The Park also holds aquatic classes for babies 6-36 months old and children 6-13 years old.

Children 10-13 years old can enroll in the junior lifeguard program to learn basic CPR and First Aid skills.

Be sure not to miss out on Splash Night on June 9th. Visitors get treated to a special waterpark light show.

Try Lobster Lady Seafood

This Cape Coral staple has live entertainment seven nights a week. Diners enjoy fresh seafood like Gulf oysters, mussels, clams, and crab prepared by skilled seafood chefs.

On the weekends, the restaurant is open for breakfast from 8-12 pm. The breakfast menu includes southern favorites and seafood infused delights.

Cape Coral Mortgage

If you want to enjoy the sights and sounds of Cape Coral, now is the time to invest in some property. Contact us to learn more about your Cape Coral real estate options.

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Why Enthusiasts Love the Cape Coral Boating Scene

Are you itching for the ultimate boating trip? Like any boating enthusiast, you probably have your eye on South Florida. You dream of boating throughout Miami and Fort Lauderdale, looking amongst south beach and eyeing all of the cruises.

But Miami’s style and glory come with a high price and lots of traffic.

If you still want a luxury Southern Florida boating experience, opt for Cape Coral. The Cape has all of the tranquility you need for you and your family.

Whether you prefer fishing or sightseeing, Cape Coral has everything for your boating needs.

If this will be your first time in Cape Coral, read this Cape Coral boating guide and why boaters love Cape Coral.

Wildlife Sightseeing

Have you ever seen a dolphin jump out of water? Or came face-to-face with a manatee? Cape Coral has an abundance of amazing Florida wildlife.

While you may or may not be happy about seeing an alligator, anyone can enjoy dive-bombing pelicans, ospreys fishing, and the numerous other birds that call this home.

And the best part?

You’re not viewing this wildlife in a zoo. You’re seeing them in their natural habitat. There are plenty of preserves, parks, and lakes for wildlife viewing. Take a day and look upon exotic birds, manatees, and other aquatic animals.

Water Sports

There’s nothing more exhilarating than water sports. Cape Coral has plenty of water sports opportunities. Take a day to conquer the waves on a jet ski, or you can have a relaxing day kayaking throughout the canals and estuaries.

If you truly want a boating adventure, there are a myriad of opportunities to enjoy the thrill of the sea. The calming waterways are perfect for exhilarating wave runners and jet skis.

But if you enjoy low-key water sports, the waters around Cape Coral and Fort Myers is calm enough for you to relax on the water. Enjoy sightseeing adventures while parasailing, kayaking, and paddle boating.


If you want to catch some Florida fish, Southwest Florida is your place.

There are multiple fish species that make fishing here an exciting challenge. Or if you like eating your catch, there are some great fish species that you can catch and cook.

If you want to eat some fresh local fish, try catch the controversial mullet in a net (and don’t let anyone tell you they are no good ????). If you’re a fisherman who likes a challenge, the snook is stubborn and is a hard catch. And of course, large mouth bass is truly a trophy fish.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to purchase a fishing license before catching any fish.

Have a Cape Coral Boating Adventure

Whether you’re going alone or with your family, Cape Coral is a great boating spot. If you love boating and water activities, there is no better place in Florida than Cape Coral.

If you’re the adventurous type, you can slay on jet skis and wave runners. If you prefer fishing, Cape Coral has lots of challenging fish. And there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy wildlife and the amazing scenery.

There’s a reason why boaters love Cape Coral. Come and experience Cape Coral boating.

Did you visit Cape Coral and now want to live here? We can help with your mortgage.

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How to Find a Mortgage Broker in Cape Coral, FL

Buying a house is one of the biggest commitments you can make.

It takes a big financial investment as well as the time and effort to find the right location. Not to mention, this is where many precious memories will happen over the years.

But first, you have to get all your paperwork settled to make the purchase.

The process can be much easier if you find a mortgage broker to help you out.

Here’s how to find one in Cape Coral, FL.

1. Ask Around

Whether you’re looking to move to the area or you’ve been in Cape Coral for years, chances are, you know a few people in town.

Ask them if they know of any good mortgage brokers.

Some friends may have recently used a broker service to buy their new home. Your family might know of one who has been around since they bought the winter house.

If your job is transferring you, don’t be shy about bringing this up to coworkers.

This can help you break the ice with your new team, and might connect you to the broker that is perfect for the job. It’s a win-win!

2. Go Online

What if you’ve contacted all your resources and you get different answers?

Great – this gives you an excuse to go online and do some more digging.

You never want to go with the first mortgage broker you hear of. You should take the process of how to find a mortgage broker seriously, which requires extra research.

Go to the website of each service that has been recommended to you.

Check out the kinds of property they specialize in and what their rates are. More importantly, read the customer reviews.

Reviews help you understand the kind of quality you can expect from a mortgage broker. They shed light on important details ranging from the ease of communication to customer service.

3. Contact Your Top Choices

Speaking of communication, don’t hesitate to contact a few of your options directly.

This is the next step to narrow down the choices after reading reviews.

A phone call gives you the opportunity to feel out a service.

Does the person on the other end of the line sound knowledgeable and willing to help? Are they listening to your concerns and questions, or just giving generic answers?

4. Discuss the Details

Some of the brokers you reach out to may be willing to set up a meeting face-to-face.

You don’t have to plan to meet all your options, but it’s not a bad idea to sit down with two or three.

This is your time to discuss the home-buying process in detail.

Ask your potential brokers their loan policies. Talk about rates, payment plans, investment opportunities, and more.

It’s best to lay out all the details on the table before moving forward. This ensures you’ve found the right broker for the job.

Find a Mortgage Broker In Your Area

Cape Coral Mortgage is not your average financing service.

We have been in the area for over 15 years and are committed to creating excellence every day.

If you or someone you know is looking to buy a new home with the help of a broker, contact us today.

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The Latest on the Cape Coral Real Estate Market

As we predicted, 2017 has been a great year for the Cape Coral housing market.

Prices are steadily rising, builders are working on new homes across the city, and more residents are realizing they can afford their dream home.

Are you wondering if now is the right time to buy a house? Let the latest developments in the Cape Coral real estate market help you make your decision.

The Cape Coral Real Estate Market Is Perfect for Buyers

If you’re looking to buy a home, it’s best to act when prices are low, but trending upward. That way, your home appreciates in value.

In Florida, the median home price rose 7.8 percent in 2017. That beat out the nationwide average of 6.5 percent growth.

But how do those trends affect Cape Coral?

Home prices in this coastal city have, by comparison, risen more slowly. They are still climbing at a rate of about 2 percent, but compared with national trends, that’s slow growth.

The good news is, now is a great time to buy. Here’s why.

More Homes Are Being Built in Cape Coral

More new homes are popping up all the time in Cape Coral. In 2017, the city saw the most housing permits issued since 2006. That’s great news for buyers.

As the supply of homes grows, prices should remain affordable. You also get to choose from a great selection of brand new homes across the city.

That trend won’t last forever, however. Home prices are climbing nationwide, so it’s important to act quickly if you want to purchase a new home for an affordable price.

Home Prices Are Likely to Keep Rising

If Cape Coral home prices continue following national trends, home prices will keep rising over the next few years. That’s why now is a great time to invest in a home.

Even if growth is slow, you’re likely to see an increase in your home’s value. If the Cape Coral real estate market really picks up steam, your house could increase its worth exponentially.

The latter scenario is starting to look more likely, as new people are drawn to the city.

Cape Coral Is Building a Reputation as a Great Place to Live

Owing to its beautiful natural surroundings and healthy job growth, residents nationwide are realizing that Cape Coral is a great place to call home.

In fact, the city–together with Fort Myers–was recently named one of the top real estate markets to watch in 2017.

As more Floridians and expats from other states head to Cape Coral, home prices will skyrocket. If you buy now, you can sit back and enjoy the good life this city has to offer–while watching your home’s value increase each year.

If You’re Ready to Buy a Home, Cape Coral Mortgage Can Help

In business more than 15 years, the Cape Coral Mortgage team is ready to help you buy your dream home.

We handle everything in-house, cutting down on the time it takes to qualify for your mortgage. Check out our services today to find out how we can help you.

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Five Delectable Restaurants in Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral, Florida, is a thriving city with a growing population. It’s not hard to see why!

Cape Coral boasts beautiful waterfront properties, friendly communities, and perfect weather almost every day of the year.

Whether you’re just visiting or making Cape Coral your permanent home, there’s one thing everyone needs to do – eat!

You’re in luck because there is a restaurant in Cape Coral Florida for every taste and budget! You’ll want to put every restaurant we mention on your must-try list!

1) Fish Tale Grill by Merrick Seafood

Merrick Seafood is a local, family-run business. They’ve been supplying over 250 of the restaurants in Cape Coral Florida with fresh seafood for over 20 years.

No doubt they saw how well-received their product was and thought “hey – we should get into the restaurant biz!”

Now they run the Fish Tale Grill, where you’re sure to dine on the freshest, most delicious seafood in town.

2) Lobster Lady

With a name like that, can you say no? Lobster Lady delivers the delicious crustacean – and more.

At this restaurant, of course you’ll get your claws on some premium lobster. They also have steaks and seafood at reasonable prices and a great breakfast, too!

The atmosphere is contemporary, yet not fussy. As a bonus, they have a market that sells local seafood alongside imported goods from Massachusetts, Maine, and the Northwest.

3) 3 Pepper Burrito

Maybe you want a break from the seafood. Not a problem -3 Pepper Burrito delivers some of the tastiest Tex-Mex in town!

Their made-to-order burritos are brimming with quality ingredients. There’s nothing frozen or pre-made at 3 Pepper Burrito – even the corn and flour tortillas are fresh!

The focus on freshness is what makes this place a local favorite restaurant.

4) Fathoms Restaurant & Bar

Looking for something a bit more upscale? Fathoms Restaurant & Bar is a favorite as far as waterfront restaurants in Cape Coral Florida go.

Chefs Fabrice Deletrain and Benjamin Voisin bring their varied and international experience to a delightful, yet straightforward menu that is sure to please.

Fathoms Restaurant & Bar is located at Cape Harbour in Southwest Cape Coral, providing an upscale vibe. This exclusive commercial hub often has interesting events going on, which means in addition to a great meal, you can often find entertainment too.

5) Slates

Want to jazz it up a bit? Slates is the place to go!

Enjoy Cajun cuisine while listening to cool jazz. This restaurant features both inside and outside dining and has some of the best service in town.

Pair your gumbo or etouffee with one of their specialty beers and don’t forget to finish the evening with one of their excellent desserts!

Visit Some Restaurants in Cape Coral Florida

Is your stomach rumbling yet? Come down to Cape Coral and discover a world of great dining!

Once you’ve got a taste of not just the food but the local flavor, you’ll want to join the nearly 200,000 people that call Cape Coral home.

There’s a home waiting for you and your family here. If you’re ready to make that move, contact us today!

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2017’s Top Things to Do in Cape Coral FL

Did you know no matter where you are in the state of Florida, you’re always within 60 miles of the closest body of salt water?

And south Florida is the only place on Earth where crocodiles and alligators live together.

These fun facts are just a few exciting truths about the beautiful sunny state.

Let’s take a look at 2017’s top things to do in Cape Coral, FL.

1. Museums and Libraries

Cape Coral offers great indoor opportunities for you to explore historical museums and libraries scattered throughout the city.

Learn more about the armed services by visiting the Southwest Florida Military Museum and Library. You’ll get your fill of historical information and how the military has evolved through time.

And for the serious history buffs, the Cape Coral Historical Museum offers a lot to satisfy anyone’s knowledge cravings. You can also check out the Cape Coral Library or Northwest Regional Library (in the Northwest of Cape Coral). From books to events, these libraries provide a lot of culture to its locals.

2. Parks

If you’re more of an outdoor enthusiast, check out the local parks sprinkled throughout Cape Coral. A few of the local favorites are:

  • Sirenia Vista Park
  • Four Freedoms Park
  • Rotary Park
  • Jim Jeffers Park
  • Sun Splash Family Water Park
  • Among Numerous others, big and small.

Bring the whole family. Some parks are dog-friendly (just please remember to clean up after your pet) while others offer various other amenities. See the full list here.

3. Breweries

When you’re looking for things to do in Cape Coral FL, it doesn’t get much better than local breweries and distillery tours. Check out the Caper Coral Brewing Company and seek out the various tours available throughout the city.

Also, the night scene in Cape Coral will not disappoint. With your pick of bars, pubs and nightclubs, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Cape Coral.

4. Aquatic Attractions

Florida is known for its saltwater fun. A few of our favorite aquatic attractions include:

  • Boat Rentals and Tours
  • Fishing Charters and Tours
  • Aquatic Gear Rentals
  • The Cape Coral Yacht Club

So, come get your feet wet in the sunny, bustling city of Cape Coral.

5. Natural Pleasures

If you enjoy a taste of the natural life, Cape Coral delivers. As a place that values the beauty of our environment, Cape Coral offers wonderful nature options, including:

  • The Rotary Park Environmental Center
  • The Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve
  • Cape Coral’s Farmers Market
  • Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly House
  • Eco Tours
  • Nature and Wildlife Tours

Whether you’re moving to Florida for the thrill of living near the water or you’re retiring in Cape Coral, you’ll never be at a loss of entertainment and activities.

6. Shopping and Theatre

If you’re a bit of a shopaholic, Cape Coral will bring you plenty of options to choose from. Check out a few of these galleries:

  • Harbor View Gallery
  • Lorne’s Art Gallery
  • Art Gallery 47th
  • Gift and Specialty Shops
  • Blue Moon Antiques

Up for a movie after a day of shopping? Swing by Marquee Cinemas Coralwood for a flick that’s sure to please. Or what about theatre? Check out Cultural Park Theatre for a great lineup of live shows.

Things to do in Cape Coral FL

From indoor delights of museums and shopping to outdoor fun in the great outdoors, Cape Coral meets the needs of individuals from around the country and even Germany!

If you’re interested in joining the beautiful, thriving city of Cape Coral, check us out at Cape Coral Mortgage.

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Why Should You Retire in Cape Coral Florida?

Are you nearing retirement?

If so, it’s a good bet that you’ve already started dreaming about where you will spend your golden years. Florida is one of the most popular destinations for retirees, and Cape Coral Florida is an especially lovely location.

Here are 5 reasons to retire in Cape Coral Florida

1. Cape Coral Has Great Weather

Of course, the warm and sunny climate of Florida is tops on the list of reasons to retire there. In Cape Coral, there are some 265 sunny days per year, with a summertime high temperature of 91 and a January low of 53. In other words, it’s absolutely perfect for folks who enjoy spending time outside in the sunshine, but who also enjoy just a little bit of “sweater weather.”

Sperling’s Best Places rates Cape Coral Florida at an 82 out of 100 on its “comfort index.”

2. Florida Boasts a Low Cost of Living

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, Florida has a relatively low cost of living. This is in part due to the fact that the state has no income tax, estate tax, inheritance tax, or intangible property tax. Neither is Social Security or retirement income taxed. Sales tax rate ranges from 6-7.5%.

The cost of living in Cape Coral Florida is below the national average, and far below some of Florida’s coastal communities.

3. It’s a Water Lover’s Paradise

Cape Coral’s over 400 navigable waterways — more than any other city in the world — has earned it the nickname “Waterfront Wonderland.” Some of the canals access the Gulf of Mexico.

The miles of waterfront property, both residential and recreational, mean that if you love being on or near the water, you will absolutely adore living in Cape Coral. Whether you enjoy fishing, boating, or simply sitting on a patio enjoying a refreshing beverage while you look out over the water, this is the place for you.

4. Recreational Opportunities Abound

Retirees who want to stay busy and enjoy recreational and cultural activities find that Cape Coral Florida is an ideal setting. From the mangrove forest at Cape Coral Eco Park to the longest running community theatre in South Florida, it’s easy to find interesting and engaging things to do.

If you’re planning on having the grandkids come visit, check out the festivals and family movie nights at Four Freedoms Park, or plan a trip to Sunsplash, a 14-acre water park with enough rides, slides, and splashing for everyone to enjoy, or the Imaginarium, a hands-on science museum.

5. In Cape Coral Florida, You’ll Be Close to Everything

Speaking of the grandkids, how about taking them all of the attractions in Orlando, like Disneyworld and Epcot Center? It’s close enough to Cape Coral — about a three-hour drive — that you can easily spend the weekend there.

Cape Coral is only about an hour’s drive from Naples, where another entire world of entertainment and amusement awaits. The famous beachcombing destination of Sanibel Island is a hop, skip and a jump from Cape Coral.

Convinced Yet?

You haven’t even seen the amazing homes that this area has to offer. Give us a call today and let’s help you secure a dream retirement home in Cape Coral Florida.

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5 Reasons Why a Move to Florida Is a Great Idea

Thinking about moving to Florida?

Maybe you dream of a waterfront property in Cape Coral or a new family home in tranquil Winter Springs.

Whatever you’ve got your heart set on, Florida’s hot real estate market offers the best investment opportunity.

Here are five of the many reasons why a move to Florida is a great idea.

1. It’s Always Shorts Weather

Let’s face it, the whole country is jealous of Florida’s weather. While northerners shovel snow, average temperatures in Florida rarely drop below 60 degrees.

So, if you’re planning a move to Florida, pack plenty of shorts and t-shirts as you’ll be wearing them 365 days a year.

You may have to put up with the occasional tropical storm, but rainfalls usually only last a couple of hours before the sun starts shining again.

2. A Hot Real Estate Market

If there’s one thing hotter than that Florida sun right now, it’s the Sunshine State’s real estate market.

So hot in fact that no less than five areas in Florida made the top ten list of 2017’s hottest real estate markets, including the top three!

The list is based on affordability, employment opportunities, the number of people moving to the area, and overall economic stability.

According to the findings, if you’re planning to move to Florida, Jacksonville, Cape Coral-Fort Myers, and Daytona Beach are the best places for you to invest in a new property.

3. Enjoy a Mix of Cultures

A wide range of influences has shaped Florida’s distinct cultural mix.

As a Southern state, southern culture and cuisine are still prominent in parts of rural Central Florida and the panhandle.

Away from tourist spots, you’ll find quiet beach towns and suburban areas. Southwest Florida is known for its arts, museums, and theaters, while also being a popular retirement area for senior citizens.

However, the thriving city of Miami stands in stark contrast to its more tranquil neighbors. With Spanish spoken as often as English, Miami’s culture is strongly influenced by its Cuban and Latino populations.

In addition to the different cultures and languages, you can enjoy a mix of cuisines. Where else can you taste the best stone crabs, try a Cuban sandwich, or tuck into a slice of Key Lime Pie?

4. It’s Naturally Diverse

For nature-lovers, Florida’s landscapes and wildlife are even more diverse than the mix of cultures and cuisines.

The Everglades are the only place in the world with both crocodiles and alligators. And Florida is also home to 1000 fresh water springs where you can swim and explore underwater caves.

If you’re a keen birdwatcher, then the Florida Birding Trail will keep you busy with over 500 sites to see birds arriving south for the winter.

And, if you just want to lay back and enjoy the sea breeze, then Florida has two distinct coastlines with plenty of beaches to choose from.

5. Live Where Others Vacation

From the weather to the beaches to the many theme parks, Florida attracts tourists from all over the world.

But why stop at a two week vacation?

Thanks to the mild climate and plentiful activities, you can enjoy everything the state has to offer all year round, and make your free time count.

A move to Florida is a move toward reclaiming evenings and weekends for your hobbies and interests. And, come vacation time you won’t have to drive half way across the country to find paradise!

Move to Florida and Make Your Dreams a Reality

With so much to offer, it’s easy to see why moving to Florida is a great idea.

And as the housing market improves, now is the best time to invest in your own slice of Florida heaven.

Are you considering moving to Florida? Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you make your Sunshine State dreams a reality.

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This Is Why Living in Cape Coral FL Is Awesome

Did you know that Forbes has ranked Cape Coral, FL as the fastest growing city in the United States?

There’s good reason for it, too. In addition to its numerous waterfront properties, Cape Coral boasts low taxes, great entertainment options, and a low crime rate.

Read on to find out if living in Cape Coral FL is for you!

1. Water, Water Everywhere

Nestled between the Matlacha Pass and the Caloosahatchee River, Cape Coral is known as the “Waterfront Waterland.” It has over 400 miles of canals — that’s more than Venice, Italy!

2. It’s Paradise for Nature Lovers

If you enjoy seeing flora and fauna in their natural habitat, living in Cape Coral FL will be a dream come true for you.

Sirenia Vista Park is home to ospreys and manatees, while at Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve, you can see gopher tortoises, herons, eagles, snakes and much more. The 535-acre Yellow Fever Creek preserve isn’t yet open to the public, but will eventually offer a dog park, camping sites, and pedestrian and equestrian trails.

You can see it now if you sign up for a guided tour. In the meantime, check out the butterflies and many species of birds at Rotary Nature Park

3. There Are Plenty of Opportunities for Outdoor Athletes Living in Cape Coral FL

In addition to being home of the Tour de Cape, Cape Coral has miles and miles of bike trails, as well as world-class facilities for both skateboarders and BMX riders. Naturally, nearby beaches provide a chance for everyone to get out and enjoy the copious Florida sunshine. In fact, living in Cape Coral FL, you’ll experience a whopping 335 sunny days each year!

4. Arts and Culture Are Alive and Well

The Barbara Mann Performing Arts Hall is the only nearby venue where you can catch major Broadway musicals on tour. The Lee Civic Center is another place to see great live music, and if you’re a fan of traditional American music, you won’t want to miss the annual Sounds of Jazz & Blues Festival.

5. Got Kids? or Grandkids? Great!

Take them to the Imaginarium, where there are hands-on exhibits, live animal shows and much more to explore for youngsters – or for the young at heart. You can even feed stingrays there! It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

6. A Growing Job Market

Thanks to rapid growth in the hospitality and housing industries, the Cape Coral-Fort Myers area is predicted by Moody’s Analytics to experience nearly 4% employment growth this year.

7. Proximity to Some of Florida’s Best Attractions

Living in Cape Coral FL, you’ll be only three hours away from Walt Disney World Resorts in Orlando – close enough for a weekend trip to Epcot. Even closer is Sanibel Island, world renowned for its shell collecting on the Gulf of Mexico. Visit the Everglades any time, or cross the state to check out the nightlife in Miami.

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