Everything You Need to Know About Cape Coral Schools

The Cape Coral school system is a reason why many young families choose to move to the area. There is a huge emphasis on learning and education by the city school board.

There is also a mix of public, private, and charter schools to choose from for your children to make sure they are getting the best education.

Here is everything you need to know about Cape Coral schools.

Elementary and Middle Cape Coral Schools

Oasis Charter is a school that teaches everything from elementary to high school. The school has high academic standards and ranks highly among the local schools in the area.

Gulf Elementary is the elementary school in Cape Coral with the most students, but it still maintains a similar student to teacher ratio to other schools. It’s also one of the oldest schools around so it’s an established and well-ranked school. Across the street is Gulf Middle school as well which can make an easy transfer when the time comes.

Other elementary and middle schools in the area are:

  • Caloosa Elementary and Middle School
  • Trafalgar Elementary and Middle School
  • Diplomat Elementary and Middle School
  • Cape Elementary School
  • Pelican Elementary School
  • Skyline Elementary School
  • Patriot Elementary School
  • Mariner Middle School

With all these school options, there is a school close to most homes in Cape Coral. This makes selecting schools easy. You can always choose to send your children to a school that’s farther away but still in the district and use the county bus system for transportation.

High School Education in Cape Coral

There are many options for high schools in Cape Coral. Where you send your child depends on your their activity interests, future career plans, and academic standards.

Ida S. Baker High School is well known in the area for its academic programs. They offer programs such as automotive, engineering, performing arts, fine arts, and the principles of teaching. Two of their most popular programs are the medical academy and the public service academy for firefighting.

Baker High allows students to select any of these academies to set themselves up for potential career options after high school.

Cape Coral High School is one of the local high schools to have the I.B. Diploma program. I.B. stands for International Baccalaureate. This is a great program to graduate out of and shows colleges the level of student the child is.

Other high schools in the area are:

  • Mariner High School
  • Oasis Charter High School
  • Island Coast High School

Many of the high schools offer the opportunity to take AP classes for college credit. These are high school classes taught at a higher level with a test at the end of the year for college credit. There will also be chances to take advantage of Dual Enrollment courses at local colleges and universities in the area.

Both of these options give high school students the ability to take courses that count towards future college classes.

Bright Futures for the Students

Cape Coral schools have a lot to offer your family. There is a school for every type of learner which will help set the children up for success in the future.

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