Moving to Cape Coral Could Help You Start a Small Business

There are many reasons why Cape Coral should be high on your relocation list, and most of those reasons are related to the quality of life and amenities. If you are looking for a place where your family can grow and prosper while enjoying happiness and comfort, Cape Coral checks all the boxes. The family attractions, benign weather, safety, and pristine nature will certainly appeal to your needs. What about business?

Over the last few years, Cape Coral has been attracting lots of newcomers who are in search of more than just fun in the sun. Many prospective home buyers know about the real estate history of Cape Coral and what happened from 2005 to 2008 when the housing market went through a period of high inflation before suffering a ruinous correction. Entire subdivisions turned into ghost towns due to an avalanche of foreclosures during the Great American Recession, but the housing market has experienced a steady period of recovery since about 2013.

The Current Business Climate of Cape Coral

The economic recovery of Cape Coral started with low mortgage rates and even lower property prices. It took less than a year of stable real estate activity for other sectors of the economy to join the new cycle of prosperity. These days, mortgage rates are still low, and the housing market is still very active; moreover, the Cape Coral business sector is booming.

New restaurants, car dealerships, grocery shops, boutiques, pubs, and other retail establishments have been opening in Cape Coral and nearby communities in 2017. Major retail chains such as Publix, Wawa, and MedExpress have been setting up shop at major commercial districts such as the US-41 strip leading from Charlotte County. Other entrepreneurs are showing interest in nearby Punta Gorda, which is experiencing an influx of seasonal residents and visitors.

Many small business owners in Cape Coral are either starting new projects or expanding their presence. They see the economic opportunity brought on by years of residential growth, which often results in business growth.

Cape Coral Facts

If you are planning on moving to Cape Coral to take advantage of business growth, consider the following facts recently reported by local television news station ABC 7:

  • The regional airport at Punta Gorda recently welcomed Frontier Airlines amidst a 39 percent increase in arrivals and departures.
  • Overall tourism in Charlotte and Lee counties is producing six percent more revenue when compared to 2015.
  • Cape Coral was recently listed by online real estate information community Trulia as a city with a growing number of singles who have not been married before. This is also a good sign of growth.

In the real estate and small business worlds, location is everything. In 2017, Cape Coral could be the answer to your small business plans. The conditions are ideal, and they are getting better; perhaps this is the right time for you to consider moving here.

Image Source: ABC 7

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