Reasons To Love Waterfront Houses In Cape Coral

When searching for a real estate investment that you want to turn into a peaceful base, waterfront houses will be an outstanding choice. Cape Coral, being surrounded by pristine beaches, is the best place to own a home on the water. There are good reasons why it is worth living in a waterfront house:

1. Higher value

Investing in waterfront properties is a wise move because of its resale value. If you decide to sell your property in the future, the fact that waterfront properties are sought after gives you an edge over other sellers. As compared to off-water homes, selling a house situated near any body of water gains more interested buyer.

2. Can keep family and friends entertained

Water provides a calming effect that fills your heart and mind with peace. A property near the beach, lake or any body of water does not only bring serenity but also looks more inviting to family and friends.

3. Provides water-based activities

Buying waterfront properties is like hitting two birds with one stone. You are not only making a great investment but also getting access to fun activities with your family. A waterfront property allows you to take part in fishing, swimming, boating, paddle boarding and kayaking anytime you want.

4. Relaxes your mind

Another reason to love waterfront houses is their ability to reduce stress. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, getting off the grid and communing with nature will help you relax. With a property that is closed to nature, you will be able to do the best things in life like catching a sunset or dipping your toes into the water.

5. Wildlife viewing

Southwest Florida is home to all kinds of attractions including wildlife where you will have a chance to have a close encounter with manatees, dolphins, tropical birds and different species of fish. You do not have to drive far when you own a property that gives you access to wildlife. The Gulf of Mexico, gulf access canal and freshwater lakes are also additional attractions you cannot afford to miss.

Important Considerations

As there are numerous benefits you can obtain from waterfront houses, you should also give importance to some rules and regulations that the property you are planning to purchase might have. Just like any type of property, you need to make sure that you are not violating any laws.

Flood Insurance

While owning a waterfront property is considered as a great investment, being situated in a flood-prone area makes the idea less appealing. Be sure that you secure insurance to protect your property. Be sure to choose properties with controlled water levels. There is also a way for you to check if you are in a flood risk area. You can go to this website to find out. Harsh weather can cause tsunamis and high tides. These natural calamities may damage your home due to floods. If you are unprepared, your investment can be reduced to rubble.

Shoreline permits

There are waterfront properties that extend into the water, and if yours have undergone improvements, you need to be aware of the regulations so you do not have to carry the consequences. Whether you build, rebuild, or repair your property and it results in extending it across the shoreline, you need to secure a permit. Most regulated areas will only allow the process if you adhere to the local guidelines, state’s regulations and the waterfront plan. Before you make improvements to the property, you need to consider three important factors:

  • Are the structures legally constructed?
  • Can you rebuild or repair them?
  • Can add or expand waterfront features?

The life expectancy of materials

You should be aware that the life expectancy of your home’s materials will also depend on your property’s location. If it is situated in saltwater locations, expect early signs of wear and tear on your waterfront features or the exterior of your home. Your roofs, fences, siding and other features that are exposed to the ocean or any saltwater body can wear down faster than those on off-water locations.

Elements like waves, storms, and wind can also damage your property, especially if it is near the water on a river or lake. You need to build physical obstructions so you can protect your home from these elements. Without protection, you need to replace the materials of your waterfront home more often than you should.

There is no doubt that waterfront property is a great investment. For you to make the most out of your home purchase transaction, you should seek guidance from an experienced home inspector or agent.

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