Why Should You Retire in Cape Coral Florida?

Are you nearing retirement? If so, it’s a good bet that you’ve already started dreaming about where you will spend your golden years. Florida is one of the most popular destinations for retirees, and Cape Coral Florida is an especially lovely location. Here are 5 reasons to retire in Cape Coral Florida 1. Cape Coral Has Great Weather […]

5 Reasons Why a Move to Florida Is a Great Idea

Thinking about moving to Florida? Maybe you dream of a waterfront property in Cape Coral or a new family home in tranquil Winter Springs. Whatever you’ve got your heart set on, Florida’s hot real estate market offers the best investment opportunity. Here are five of the many reasons why a move to Florida is a great idea. 1. It’s Always Shorts […]

This Is Why Living in Cape Coral FL Is Awesome

Did you know that Forbes has ranked Cape Coral, FL as the fastest growing city in the United States? There’s good reason for it, too. In addition to its numerous waterfront properties, Cape Coral boasts low taxes, great entertainment options, and a low crime rate. Read on to find out if living in Cape Coral FL is […]

5 Tips for Buying Cape Coral Waterfront Real Estate

Purchasing a home is a complicated process. Your search for properties, secure financing and then settle on the closing date. All of that gets more complicated when you look for waterfront properties! Buying a waterfront home may be your dream. But there are some things you should keep in mind before purchasing your dream home. Read […]

7 Things to Do in Cape Coral (Family Edition)!

7 Things to Do in Cape Coral (Family Edition!)

Florida’s Cape Coral is a well-known destination for retirees who can finally afford the good life. It’s also gained a solid reputation as a tourist hotspot. What you might not know is that it’s also great for new families. The waterfront town’s population has risen 66% since 2000, and about half of its population is […]

Cape Coral Homes Set to Rise Again!Cape Coral Homes Set to Rise Again

Cape Coral Homes Set to Rise Again

Floridians living in Cape Coral, FL experienced a 6.9% appreciation on their homes last year, and predictions are set for another 1-2% rise this year, as well. It was just eight years ago that everything looked their darkest after the housing crash. Home values were well below what people owed, and many believed they would […]

Special Assessments

Understanding Special Assessments in Cape Coral

As a growing housing market in the Sunshine State, Cape Coral is one of the most attractive in 2017. When the regional real estate market started heating up around 2003, urban planners sought various ways to finance the expansion requirements at they required increased utilities and municipal services such as sanitation, firefighting, and others. At […]

Small Business

Moving to Cape Coral Could Help You Start a Small Business

There are many reasons why Cape Coral should be high on your relocation list, and most of those reasons are related to the quality of life and amenities. If you are looking for a place where your family can grow and prosper while enjoying happiness and comfort, Cape Coral checks all the boxes. The family […]

A Great Outlook for Cape Coral Housing Market in 2017

The year 2016 was mostly positive for the Cape Coral housing market, and the year 2017 is expected to be even better. Cape Coral started off the New Year on a very auspicious note by being named along with Fort Myers as being number two on Trulia’s list of the hottest real estate markets for […]